Greg and Megan picked Simon Kenton Inn in Springfield for the background for their wedding day. We’ve been SO excited to shoot there since last July when they booked us as their photographers!
They were married on June 18, 2011, the same day Megan’s parents were married, in Covenant Presbyterian Church in Springfield, Ohio. It was the same church Megan’s Parents were married and the same church Megan’s Grandparents were married. It was such a special tradition for us to be a part of!
We always go check out new venues we haven’t been to before, so I can plan on where I want to shoot, etc. It helps me plan the day in my head well, so we can still be quick & efficient without taking too long to check out locations, lighting, creative ideas, etc. So, in typical form, we went to Simon Kenton Inn in Springfield. It’s a old historical location and home. Full of history, character and great locations to shoot!
I made my plan and on the day of the wedding set out to meet Greg & Megan for their special day.

Megan was beautiful as you will see and Greg was as charming as ever and just so very much in love with Megan.

Then we were thrown for a loop. It started raining! Rain we can handle and can have fun with, but torrential downpour?
As always we are just servants to whatever weather God has planned for us. The weather is the number one thing on your wedding day that you cannot control. So, we’ve learned to just roll with it!

I don’t normally talk like this on our blog, but sometimes it just needs said.
Over the years there have been many times at weddings where I think to myself, “THIS is why people pay us more to shoot their weddings!” This is some of the thoughts that went through my head throughout the day of Greg & Megan’s wedding!
We don’t get frazzled or upset. We just flow into a different plan. We’re very experienced and know how to shoot inside as well as come up with fun inside shots even though it wasn’t our original plan. We’re professional and we act and shoot professionally at all times!

As you can see from their photos…The rain did not reign on our parade. With the possibility of the rain “ruining Megan’s wedding day”, I am happy to say that Locke Innovations Photography rose to the challenge and took the opportunity to “save their wedding day!”
Don’t leave your photography to chance! Make sure you book someone who knows what to do in all circumstances and can stay calm and easy going, so YOU are calm and easy going on YOUR wedding day! You get what you pay for! =o)

Welcome back to our blog Greg & Megan! Congratulations on your marriage! We wish you many many years of shared Anniversaries with Mr. & Mrs. Russell!
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Meet Mr. & Mrs. Russell, Megan’s Parents! Happy Anniversary to them too!
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