We met Nathan & Rebecca over a year ago when they chose us as our wedding photographers.
We met up with them again in the Fall for their engagement session and got to know them a little better.
Even though we had fun with them at their engagement session, all in all, I wasn’t 100% sure we were the best match for them since we seemed to not have a ton in common (besides the love of Starbucks coffee, as far as I could tell) so, I held my breath waiting to hear how they liked their engagement photos.
Nathan & Rebecca were thrilled with their engagement photos and we got to make a very fun Guest Sign-In Book out of their photos for them.
Then their wedding day arrived; all doubts if we were a compatible match for them vanished!

In all the dresses I have seen, I think I love Rebecca’s most of all! I love the shape, style, details and trim!
Not to mention the colors they picked for their wedding are EXACTLY our same business colors…hmmm, so far, so good!

Then the shoes Nathan & Rebecca and all their wedding party changed into for the reception, were the same that I (Shannon) own, and I would have brought and worn mine if I had known in advance… THEN…we fell in LOVE with their Reception location – The Syndicate in Newport Kentucky!

Finally – the icing on the cake – Nathan & Rebecca had a choreographed Wedding Dance with their wedding party to Thriller, and the whole rest of the night’s music was music that THEY chose themselves! It was all my favorite music from the 90’s! SOOOOO fun! If I hadn’t been dead tired from shooting all day in the heat, I would have loved to dance away the night with them! They have EXCELLENT taste in music!!
All in all, we actually have a ton in comment with them! – Or more so, to me specifically…as I have a bit of a Skater and Hipster background in high school & college…hmmm…they definitely brought out some of my roots in me through their wedding! What a FUN FUN wedding for us to shoot!
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Here’s the Ford Model T that has been in Nathan’s family since it was first built and purchased! Nathan’s parents used it for their wedding as did his older sister for her wedding! Very cool tradition!Old Vintage Ford in WeddingSt. Thomas Cincinnati Weddings They were married at St. Thomas Catholic Church in Fort Thomas, KY
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Thanks Nathan & Rebecca for choosing us! We had a BLAST at your wedding! =o)