This couple just seems so right for each other, it was pretty obvious each time we were around them how much they adored each other.  They chose the Orrmont Estate in Piqua and were married outside on the lawn with their reception in a large white tent setup beside the house.
We love outside weddings but don’t do as many as we once did, with the last 3 Summers & Fall being unseasonably warm, it seems like less people want to risk the weather. It was exciting to be a part of their plans and beautiful day. 
The owners of the Orrmont Estate have put in a lot of work in the last couple of years it really shows as there are a number of beautiful backgrounds just waiting for a wonderful couple on their wedding day.Orrmont-Estate-Wedding-Photography-Piqua-Ohio-1-2011Orrmont-Estate-Wedding-Photography-Piqua-Ohio-2-2011.jpgOrrmont-Estate-Wedding-Photography-Piqua-Ohio-3-2011.jpgOrrmont-Estate-Wedding-Piqua-Ohio-1-2011Orrmont-Estate-Wedding-Piqua-Ohio-2-2011Orrmont-Estate-Wedding-Piqua-Ohio-4-2011Orrmont-Estate-Wedding-Photography-Piqua-Ohio-4-2011.jpgOrrmont-Estate-Wedding-Photography-Piqua-Ohio-5-2011.jpgOrrmont-Estate-Wedding-Photography-Piqua-Ohio-6-2011.jpgOrrmont-Estate-Wedding-Photography-Piqua-Ohio-7-2011.jpgOrrmont-Estate-Wedding-Photography-Piqua-Ohio-8-2011.jpgOrrmont-Estate-Wedding-Photography-Piqua-Ohio-9-2011.jpgOrrmont-Estate-Wedding-Photography-Piqua-Ohio-10-2011.jpg