Jason & Allie were married at The Dayton Art Institute (one of our all-time favorite places to shoot). Their florist was
The Flower Shoppe on Brown Street. (one of our all-time favorite florists in the Dayton Area). Those two factors along with the fact that Jason is a Graphic Designer, David and I had been looking forward to their wedding since the moment they contacted us. We enjoy working with other creative types, and it doesn’t happen very often, but when it does, we enjoy hearing and getting their ideas, and we feel comfortable sharing our ideas with them without over-loading them on technical or artistic jargon. Jason & Allie picked a wonderful venue and stashed all kinds of wonderful details in to their special day. (I don’t like to say this or that wedding was the BEST or this or that couple was the BEST, because I don’t want my other fabulous clients to feel left out – and it’s kind of redundant to say that for EVERY wedding & couple! Smile)
That being said, this was a great day we both enjoyed and will cherish the privilege of being part of for a long time to come.Dayton-Art-Institute-Wedding-6Dayton-Art-Institute-Wedding-7Dayton-Art-Institute-Wedding-8Dayton-Art-Institute-Bride-Wedding-9Dayton-Art-Institute-Wedding-10Dayton-Art-Institute-Wedding-12
Jason Painted all the table numbers for the reception on square canvases – here’s a few to show their wedding date.
One of the best things about Allie & Jason is, they can pull off serious and mature, but they’re TOTALLY fun and a blast too!
Meet their Wedding Party!
Umm, did we mention how BEAUTIFUL it is inside The Dayton Art Institute for a wedding?