Over the years David and I have shot A LOT of couples & a lot of weddings and the more and more we learn about weddings, the wedding business and the business of being wedding photographers, the more we are learning that we need to have a Target Bride and Groom that we want to shoot. Though some may argue that anyone who “pays you” is your Target Couple, there is something behind finding great chemistry between you and your clients, so that you can walk away having a relationship instead of just a seller-buyer situation.

Just as couples look and look for the best photographer for their weddings, we too, want to have the best couples for us.
Being artist first and a business owner second, I am continually learning about what we need to do differently to market ourselves to the right people, etc. This year, our 10th year of business, I feel like we are hitting the mark pretty consistantly.
After this engagement shoot with Brady and Rachel, I felt very affirmed that THEY were one of our “perfect couples”, and we’re the perfect match for them, as their photographers. They chose us, but indeed, they match us perfectly.
We are a little bit older than some of the other photographers in the area, and well-seasoned as well. We’re classy and are looking for classy couples who love photography, know art when they see it, and want a sophisticated approach to their wedding day. We’re very well organized and know weddings inside and out. We’re fun and current, but we’re not just about the fun. We’re about capturing your day, emotions and turning them into art so that you can cherish them forever.

All my Bride & Grooms this year have stated on their wedding days to us, “You both are more than JUST photographers!”

This is so true! We'll do whatever we need to do in our knowledge of weddings and our abilities to help your day run as smoothly, fun and stress free as possible!
Ask any of our couples! – You’re in amazing hands with us along your sides on the day of your wedding.

Meet Brady & Rachel just one of our “Perfect Locke Couples” from this year!
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After hearing more about their wedding day plans, locations, flower ideas, etc.… I can’t wait to shoot their wedding!