West Chester Wedding Photographers–Doug & Rachel Say - I Do!

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I’ve been holding off on this post because I knew this couple were still out of the country on their Honeymoon. They were married a couple weeks ago at The Savannah Center in West Chester. (Right off 75 – Exit 19 – IKEA Exit) I had never been to The Savannah Center and was pleasantly surprised to find what a beautiful wedding/reception location it is. It’s a Wedding/Event Center built FOR weddings! It was just beautiful! It allowed them to have their ceremony outside and reception inside which I think is an excellent choice for a wedding!

Doug & Rachel are a very, VERY classy couple! They both looked and acted amazing! They rolled with the flow of the day, were such great troopers for us…They went and did whatever we wanted for the shot, and well, as you can see, we were able to get amazing shots of their day for it! First Stop…The First Moment They See Each Other! 
First Look Photography
Next Stop…Cox Arboretum for some great shots of the Couple!
Cox Arboretum 
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Cox MetroparkD30_8237-Edit 
Dayton Ohio Wedding Photographers  Next up, their ceremony at The Savannah Center!
Savannah Center Ceremonies
The Savannah Center Ceremonies
Stunning, STUNNING Rings!
The Savannah Center Ohio THE CAKE!!!
Wedding Cakes
This is a warning for all you Future Brides out there! Don’t be caught unaware! Doug clearly has the look on his face here, that he had a “plan!” He waits until Rachel safely gets his inside his mouth, then opens his hand to push hers in! And she still gives him some sugar after that display! Love it! Girls! Don’t let this happen to you! Be prepared! =o)

First Dance Photography
The Savannah Center 
Congratulations Doug and Rachel! We wish you the best and a long happy marriage!

Cincinnati Wedding Photographers – Kaleb & Reba – Sneak Peek!

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Here’s a couple shots from our super fun couple from last weekend!
Congratulations to Kaleb and Reba! Have a fun on your honeymoon!

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