I know, I don’t usually post stories on this site, I usually just put up our pretty photos from our shoots with a bit of text and that is that. However, this is something very close to my heart and I just feel like I need to share it with you!

So, here’s my beautiful friend ‘E’.

Her name is Elizabeth and she really does go by ‘E’.

In January she headed to the Doctor for a follow-up for some weird pains and intestinal issues she had been having for several months. This time she went back, her Doctor ran some new tests.
Here’s pretty much how it went down (from my point of view…it could have been different in real life) =o) On Monday, her Doctor said she needed to come in to discuss her test results. (That’s almost never a good sign right?) She and her husband went in, and she was told that she very likely had Ovarian Cancer. I’m pretty sure that’s everyone’s dreaded news from the Doctor. It doesn’t get much worse than that.

Needless to say, she was worried and thought the worse….just like we all would, right?
She was referred to a cancer doctor/surgeon…sorry for my lack of the right terminology…and by Friday she was in surgery to go in an remove the mass, that may or may not be cancer. (It was an Amazing God thing that she was able to be referred to a cancer doctor so quickly and was able to have surgery so quickly!

Everyone, including me was PRAYING that it would NOT be cancer, and that they’d be able to remove all the harmful tumors they would find.

I personally believed that it wasn’t cancer, but that if it was, Elizabeth was the one to fight it.


See, from my point of view, E is one of the strongest, boldest women I know who follows after God, like nobody’s business, and if someone were to get the dreaded C-word, a woman like that is the type of woman who could fight the fight – and preserve!

I was wrong about her not having Cancer. She did indeed and praise God, the surgeon was able to remove all of the cancer along with taking out her female organs and part of her intestine. (Having a hysterectomy myself, this by itself isn’t fun and has a whole side of mental thoughts that come along with having all your female parts removed)

So, even though he was certain he removed all of the Cancer, E began the journey of going through Chemotherapy. UGH- right? First of all…Thank God there is something such as Chemo to kill cancer right? Not that, it makes the journey of putting poisons in your body to kill other poisons any better right?

I am continually amazed by her ability to get up and keep going…she’s an exerciser….like EVERY DAY at Y, before all of this …I am jealous and intimidated by this woman – you hear me right? =o) Spin Classes, Zumba, etc….and oh yeah, did I mention she’s the mother of 3 beautiful kids ages 5, 3 and 3? If that doesn’t keep you busy and on your toes, nothing will!

She and her husband are a part of Campus Crusade’s athletic ministry, Athletes in Action – they are local missionaries ministering to college athletes at The University of Dayton.
They also are the leaders of our House Church through Apex Community Church.

Because I am in E’s House Church I am privileged to walk with her in this journey.
You can read more about it here on her blog – EEK! I have a blog! (EEK are her initials – Cute huh?)

One of the things I have always loved about E – is that she is real.

Really real.

It’s almost been a year since her beloved best friend, her Mom, went to be with the Lord. And as a only child and have lost her best friend, E has been through the ringer in grief over having lost her mom…

And now her journey with Cancer. If you want to see/read real life and be encouraged that God does indeed walk through us in the valley’s…check out her blog!

A week before she started Chemo, I had the privilege to shoot her beautiful family with Amber Wing from Ciao Bella Photography. I was actually really nervous for this shoot, because I didn’t know if I’d start crying or not…I’m a bit emotional about my friend ‘E’ and what' she’s going through. So, Amber was the main shooter and I just helped get the kids to look, smile, etc…I thought I barely shot anything as I was only the second shooter, but I got home and had over 200 shots.

Here’s some of my favorites!


These were taken in February. Since then, Elizabeth has had 4 rounds of Chemo and has lost her hair.
– Each Round is a 3 week cycle. Monday & Tuesday all day drug administration – then the following Monday – one more full day, then 2 weeks recovery, then it all starts again.

Imagine with me, if you will. You’re in your 30’s, you have 3 kids 5 and under….and this happened to you and your family. You lose and extreme amount of weight and all your hair. You feel sick and tired most all the time. How would you deal? Would you fear your own death? Would you worry for your kids future? How would you continue to take care of your family? Your husband? Your kids? Would you get depressed? Yes, you probably would….it’s only normal.

It’s no picnic! But she continues to preserve! She only has 2 more rounds of Chemo left (God willing) and she will be in complete remission. (PRAISE GOD!)

If you’re wondering how you can help her and her family…first of all, please pray for them!

Pray for E as she has to deal with Chemo and all it’s side effects….feeling lousy, extreme exhaustion, and depression that makes her feel without hope. Pray for her kids to do great through out this process and able to learn and be stronger from this experience. PRAY that these final rounds of Chemo kill any trace left of the cancer and she is declared officially in Remission – if she’s in remission for 2 years she’s considered HEALED! Pray to that end!

If you are in the area and would like to help cook a meal for them, please go here to their Meal Baby Registry site. They still have several dates that need covered. (You have no idea how great it is to not have to worry about feeding your family, or grocery shopping, etc…when you’re in the middle of a life-changing journey like this!)

Finally, if you’re not in the area or are not able to cook a meal, and are still feeling led to help E and her family, there is an account set up to help them financially. It’s no secret that Cancer treatment is extremely expensive, but one thing that they need help with is paying for a Nanny. They have a Nanny to help E out during the week when she is in bed recovering from Chemo to help drive her 3 kids to school, activities, etc. To play with the kids, entertain them, go grocery shopping, etc…all the things you can’t do when you’re recovering from having Cancer. They are SOOO fortunate to have found someone who can help them with these tasks during this time. They could really use the help paying for her! =o) If you are able and interested there is a special blog set up for E, called, Caring for E, and on the blog is a Button to help Donate to their financial needs. If you are able, and feel led, they would be ever so blessed if you were able to help donate to their needs!


Thanks for reading about my friend E! I can’t wait to share with you that she’s in remission! =o)