Austin & Rachel

clock December 7, 2008 18:23 by author David

Austin and Rachel's wedding was one of the most fun weddings we have ever done.  Rachel is creative and wanted her pictures to have a relaxed feel so she gave us a lot of time we do not always get.  She chose to get married in a field in Yellow Springs, Ohio, and everywhere we walked we had wonderful locations to shoot at.

It was a beautiful day and even though there were two "hold your breath" moments because of small accidents, nothing could take away from day itself and the people that were a part of it.  One of the incidents did involve us.  People are always saying to us that we must have so many crazy stories from weddings.  We actually don't have that many.  Well, we had one, but this one is right up there with it.  I was trying to park on the side of the road and stay out of the way of the rest of the party so they would have enough room to park so we could all walk to a covered bridge back in the woods, when I pulled into a ditch.  We are in the ditch and I am looking down at Shannon at about a 45 degree angle way above her and she is basically leaning against the door.  Our driving side rear wheel is spinning in the air and the rest of the party is running toward our car.  I was so proud of Shannon.  We are both a little flustered to say the least and about 5 minutes later, Shannon hands the cameras by me to someone, unbuckles herself, climbs out of the car and goes into the field and covered bridge taking pictures of the entire party.  (I did get out of the ditch, no thanks to AAA, but rather to some strangers that stopped to help). 

So, it was a very memorable day for quite a number of reasons!  We think the photos turned out quite memorable too!  Here are a few from the day. 

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Our First Photography Blog

clock October 23, 2008 14:48 by author David

Well, we are a little behind the trend curve on the blog front, but at last we finally have our very own photo blog!  We are excited to talk about all the weddings we've been doing and the people we've been able to interact with.  Hopefully this blog allows us to interact with everyone a little better!

Our hope is to include some of our favorite images from our latest shoots and get them up here quicker than they would appear in our galleries.