From Russia with Love–Nikolay and Ksenia

clock April 1, 2012 20:50 by author Shannon

I’d like you to meet a very VERY sweet couple from Russia!

Ksenia & Nikolay, very politely give easier names for you to say in America. Nik & Nikki.
However, since we are known for our authenticity and ability to learn names to really connect with people on more of just a “client” role, this didn’t sit well with me.
So, I call them Ksenia (K-Zenia – kind of like Xenia with a K before it) & Nikolay.

When they contacted us in early November, they had only been here in the states for just 2 months. They have been dating for over 6 years and were planning on getting married in Russia. However, with some of the laws here, if Ksenia wanted health insurance under Nikolay’s work, they needed to say “I do”, sooner, rather than later.

We have shot short military weddings like this too, it’s a small civil ceremony and basically a glorified engagement session.
David and I had a great time with them, and I feel very connected to Ksenia. I am so glad they chose us to be their Wedding Photographers!

We met them at The Municipal Court in Miamisburg, where with a judge, David & I and Ksenia’s mother as the witnesses and a Christmas tree in the background, they were married!
(Interesting fact, in Russia, they wear their wedding bands on the right hand instead of left)miamisburg-wedding-photography-a-2011miamisburg-wedding-photography-b-2011
From there, we followed them to their home where they had a beautifully decorated reception. They had a toast, cut & fed the cake to each other and we all relaxed enjoying the delicious cake! Her mom did such a beautiful job decorating, I told her she could set up stylized photography shoots sometime!
It was fun to shoot in their home because it’s so personal to them.
Ksenia also told us, how she Dreamed of having a ring from Tiffany’s, so she and Nikolay went down to Cincinnati, made a little date out of it, and now she has a Tiffany Ring on her finger! On a side note: Check out this new site by Tiffany’s It’s awesome!tiffany-and-co-wedding-rings

From there we all went to The Dayton Art Institute! It was December, so I thought having a good indoor location would be a good idea, since it was so cold outside and since it gets dark so quickly in December. We all had a blast!
(Well, David and I had a blast shooting inside DAI – hopefully Nikolay & Ksenia did too!)

They headed out to dinner that night to celebrate their marriage, and then they were off to New York City for a long Honeymoon weekend! They have such a romantic story, and I feel very privileged to have met them and to be a part of it!

Blake and Bethany - Bellbrook Ohio Wedding Photography

clock March 17, 2012 11:30 by author Shannon

We had the pleasure to drive up to Toledo in 2004 for Bethany’s brothers wedding. It was the 12th wedding Shannon and I photographed together. It’s always an amazing experience to be able to photograph two weddings in the same family, to be able to see new babies and your girls turning into young women and to see the changes and growth in us as photographers but also in them. To be able to be a part of that rich history in their family is truly an honor.

Bethany is probably sad that it has taken us so long to get her wedding up on the blog because she let us know a number of times while she was finishing up her degree in nursing school that she couldn’t stop checking for new wedding post. It’s her turn now though and so we are happy to finally post them up. Just FYI, all of our brides we are just now posting up have had their photos and books delivered months ago, it is just the blog post we are slow with.


Bethany loves the movie UP and so planned alot of elements of her wedding around the movie. She found this historic house near her wedding location, and it reminded her of the UP house. So, she went to the owners to ask if we could shoot some of their photos there! It was fun and definitely tied into her UP themed Wedding!

Christ-Church-Bellbrook Wedding Photography-b_thumbChrist-Church-Bellbrook Wedding Photography-a_thumbChrist-Church-Bellbrook Wedding Photography-c_thumbWright-Patterson-Airforce-base-Wedding-Photography-a_thumbWright-Patterson-Airforce-base-Wedding-Photography-b_thumbWright-Patterson-Airforce-base-Wedding-Photography-d_thumbWright-Patterson-Airforce-base-Wedding-Photography-c_thumbWright-Patterson-Airforce-base-Wedding-Photography-e_thumbWright-Patterson-Airforce-base-Wedding-Photography-f_thumb