Cincinnati Wedding Photographers Present Kaleb & Reba’s Wedding Day

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First off, I LOVE this couple, they are SOOO adorable together! They’re totally in love, joke around with each other, are loyal and love their families & friends so much…and it seems like everyone else loves them too! They packed out St. Francis De Sales with all their friends and family. (at least 350 guests) They had 9 attendants each and Kaleb had two additional Ushers in all his photos. 9 Beautiful ladies and 11 guys!
They were such great troopers for us! They were up for anything we were – which is always awesome!
However, their wedding day (I found this out later) was the hottest June 4th since 1925! (It was between 95 –100 degrees in Cincinnati that day!) SHEESH! We were outside for 2 1/2 – 3 hours before the ceremony and everyone; Parents, Groomsmen, Bridesmaids and especially Reba and Kaleb put up with the heat to let us capture their special day!

Another thing that I LOVED about their day is the emotion! Sometimes, on wedding days, people are too afraid to cry (like once they open the flood gates they won’t close) that they don’t – or they hold it in all day. I did that at my wedding. =o)
But I can’t tell you how AWESOME it is to see a Bride and Groom share their emotions of their day with each other, and we get the privilege to capture it. I agree that set up Bridal Shoots look amazing – but nothing can replace a real wedding and the real emotions that come with it!
There were a ton of other things I wanted to say about this wedding day and the couple, but I’m so excited to share this wedding with you so I’m going to quit talking now! Hope you all enjoy it as much as we do!
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I love her and her Dad having a moment on the way down the isle!
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I love Reba’s emotions! She’s crying one second and the next she’s laughing! I love it!
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The Black and White one Above is one of my FAVORTIES from the wedding!
St Francis De Sales Cincinnati
Love their first dance emotions again!
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Reba gives Kaleb a sweet little kiss, then WATCH OUT! She smashes him!
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I REALLY liked the idea of the wine bottles, they are their ‘guest book’ to open on specific anniversaries 5 years, 10 years,
20 years, etc! What a neat idea!
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Thanks Kaleb, Reba and everyone who made your great day possible! So glad we were a part of it!

Kentucky Wedding Photographers–Nathan and Rebecca Sneak Peek!

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Congrats to Nathan & Rebecca, a super fun and unique couple who tied the knot yesterday!
Here’s just a couple shots!
This Ford Model T has been in Nathan’s family since it was bought in 1915. His parents drove it at their wedding and so did his sister and brother-in-law! What a fun tradition!
We rented a Fish-eye for this wedding to give this unique couple some extra unique shots! It was fun! But check out their “reception shoes”! I love them! If they had told me in advance I could have worn mine to match them and their whole party at the reception! Loved it!
Here’s a bonus one of me getting my Wedding Photography on! =o)